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Risks of Choosing the Cheapest Commercial Roofing Contractor in Portland, OR

Finding the right commercial roofing service isn't easy, and it's tempting to go with the cheapest option available - after all, it results in immediate cost savings. While this may be a great way to meet your budget needs initially, there are several risks associated with cutting corners on your commercial roofing selection that could end up costing you more money or even damaging the integrity of your building over time. Here's what you should know about choosing the cheapest commercial roofing before making a decision.

Commercial Flat Roofing in Portland, OR by Flat Roof Pros, Inc.

Quality of work

Cheap flat roof contractors don't have the necessary experience and are just looking to snag a few jobs. These opportunistic companies will often hire less experienced people in order to save money on their projects.

At Flat Roof Pros, Inc., we take pride in the work we do and truly care about our customers. Unlike our competition, we strive to help our customers not just financially, but also with the quality of service they receive.

From start to finish in each roofing project, whether big or small, our team demonstrates a dedication to achieving excellence that can be felt in every interaction you have with us. When you choose Flat Roof Pros, Inc., you are getting more than just a professional crew - you are gaining a trusted partner who is passionate about what they do!

To make sure any flat roof contractor you’re considering has the know-how needed for your commercial project, look for reviews from previous customers, certifications, and licenses, as well as references you can contact. Additionally, ask about their experience with similar commercial roofing jobs in order to get an accurate picture of their capabilities.

Commercial Flat Roofing in Portland, OR by Flat Roof Pros, Inc.


When commercial roofing projects are undertaken, a warranty is sometimes negotiated with the contractor. While sometimes it may be tempting to go for the cheapest option in terms of labor costs, such savings could end up costing dearly should a problem arise.

A cheaper contractor may not offer a warranty or may offer a shorter warranty period than one that charges more, meaning if something goes wrong you will be at risk of footing the bill for any repairs needed.

Sometimes unexpected problems arise that weren't initially accounted for. Fortunately, having insurance or a warranty to back up the job done by your commercial roofing contractor can provide peace of mind and protection against the financial repercussions of unforeseen problems.

With commercial roofing insurance working in conjunction with a reliable commercial flat roof contractor, you can rest easy knowing you're covered, no matter what issues you may run into.

Commercial Flat Roofing in Portland, OR by Flat Roof Pros, Inc.


Some contractors take much longer to complete the job, and your business can suffer drastically. Waiting for weeks, or months, to get that commercial roof fixed could keep you from generating income during those wait times.

Taking a long time to repair a commercial flat roof in rainy Portland, OR can be detrimental to the building. Allowing rain to enter and accumulate on the roof could lead to sagging and water damage. Additionally, rainwater can seep through cracks and holes in the roof, leading to mold growth and weakened floors or ceilings.

When there is any sort of accumulation of rainwater on the roof surface, it can cause further deterioration and will take longer to repair. This makes it important for building owners to repair their roofs as quickly as possible in order to avoid further issues that can arise due to rain damage.

Instead of taking a chance with a cheaper contractor who potentially has a lower quality of work, look for contractors who offer dependable turnaround and pricing that works for your business. That'll help limit any unexpected wait times- and make sure your commercial roof is repaired in no time!

Commercial Flat Roofing in Portland, OR by Flat Roof Pros, Inc.

When you choose us at Flat Roof Pros, Inc. as your commercial flat roof contractor, you can rest easy knowing that all the worries this blog addressed won't be your problem. We guarantee timely service and high-quality craftsmanship and materials, giving you the best value for your money. Our teams of experienced professionals have worked together on countless projects over the years so our standards are unbeatable. Get in touch with Flat Roof Pros, Inc. in Portland, OR to ensure that your commercial flat roof project is in good hands!

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