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Fat Roof Pros, Inc. flat roof contractor portland Oregon , flat roof services

Repair & Restoration

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According to, 80% of roofs get replaced prematurely. Do you find your roof leaking when it rains? It may be that your roof membrane is becoming brittle and deteriorating! Our repair and restoration service is going to be perfect for you. For us to discover where your leak is coming from, we will first have to inspect the inside of the building to see if any repairs need to be done, or do a thermal scan of the roof to determine trouble spots. After we have taken a detailed look throughout the building, we will then move to the roof. When we are on the roof, we will be looking for signs like holes that could look like a tear or a mechanical puncture caused by foot traffic. Mechanical punctures are caused by AC service guys who have dropped a screwdriver or if they have left screws on the roof after they have completed their service. You can expect to see separations at the seams when the bonding adhesive or welds and splices fail due to age.

There are also our not-so-cute furry friends that can cause tears to appear on your roof seeking shelter. We would like to thank all of the raccoons for helping us stay in business. If there is ever a hole in your roof that does not make sense, we usually come to discover if could be caused by a furry friend. Leaks can also appear due to weather. If there is a small separation in your roof, due to it not being installed correctly or due to age, if it rains and it freezes, the ice that gets into the gap will expand. Over time, this will create a bigger gap and will create a leak in your roof.

There are many different reasons that a leak could appear in your building but we can take care of all of them. No matter the size of your building, it will take us half the time and half the cost of a roof installation to restore your existing roof. Our repair and restoration process will extend the life, and restore the integrity of your roof once again. This product adheres to your existing roof membrane and is designed specifically for this purpose. Re-Roofing costs an enormous amount of money, and one doesn’t plan for it until it’s too late. It ends up being more expensive that way. The process of restoring a flat roof is much more simple and less expensive than a traditional re-roof solution. Your existing roof is not removed, but simply repaired, and cleaned and the flexible liquid silicone is applied at 36 mil thickness. Silicone comes in liquid form and is used to waterproof your roof.

Fat Roof Pros, Inc. flat roof contractor portland Oregon , flat roof services


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We specialize in installing Flat Roofs, and one of those types of roofs is Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) another is a silicone roof coating that protects your roof and is not affected by the elements. Also, the silicone coating is reflective, meaning that it keeps your building cooler. 50 to 100 years ago, there was only a hand full of roofing systems that were out there, and are still around today. These systems failed quickly over time which resulted in the development of other types of systems. Every few years or so, manufacturers tweak and better their products to ensure better quality and extend the life of your roof. With TPO the process of installation is always depending on the type of decking you have. There is either wood, metal or concrete decking. During installation, we make sure to repair any damages or rotted deck. Whether your roof needs a tear-off or is fit for restoration, depends on the current condition of your roof. If the roof membrane is brittle and cracking causing leaks or in very poor condition, the roof will be torn off completely except for the decking. The process of installation is as follows – First, a vapor barrier is installed if required, then an ISO insulation board to be installed. It can be mechanically fastened or glued down with adhesives. The TPO is then also fastened down with screws and plates. And then the seams get heat welded to close off any gaps and prevent water intrusion to protect the inside of your building.

The silicone coating is the number #1 choice for a lot of building owners. There are a few reasons for that – One, it is a cheaper option than a total re-roof and gives you the same life expectancy and warranty as a whole re-roof would. Repair any holes causing leaks or any damage to make sure the roof is ready for cleaning. Get rid of the dirt and grime you have on your roof and wash it down to make sure the roof is cleaned, dry, and prepped for silicone installation. We ensure the silicone system would be your choice of a new roof for your investment. There is no rain, freezing or thawing, or scorching hot sun that can affect this product and weaken it. The product is guaranteed to last for many years keeping your roof lasting longer with more money in your pocket.

A roof is a vital role for the building and heaving it to withstand any weather or elements saves you time and money. Our product will outstand any ponding water which will keep water from affecting your roof and out of your building. With the proper installation and skill of our people, we like to dedicate ourselves to minimizing any repairs for the future.

Fat Roof Pros, Inc. flat roof contractor portland Oregon , flat roof services


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As we have mentioned above – According to, 80% of roofs get replaced prematurely. Roofs are made to last for a long time, but more often than not, the opposite is the reality when they are not properly maintained. This is where our carefree roof maintenance plan helps you extend the life of your roof and helps you save time and money down the road. You will have peace of mind knowing that issues are caught at just the right time and repairs are done then and there. When originally buildings are built and roofs are installed, most contractors fail to mention that the warranty is void if roofs are not properly maintained and a maintenance logbook is not kept. That being the case, a building owner is on his own, not able to claim if anything were to fail.

For Example: Let’s say you bought a brand new Mercedes SUV off the dealer’s lot, and you didn’t think that changing the oil is all that important so you forget about it for a few years and drove over 50,000 miles from the day you bought the car. And one day you are driving down the highway on a freezing -15 Degrees winter day, and your engine seizes up and your car is stalled on the side of the highway. What would happen then? Would the dealer rebuild your engine or replace your car? Most likely not! The dealer would not want to be responsible for that expense because preventative maintenance has not been done regularly.

Just like maintaining a car, maintaining the roof is also a fundamental factor that can help protect your most valuable asset, the roof over your business, and give you peace of mind that your existing roof is performing just as it should. Twice per year, once in the spring, and once in the fall, we clean and inspect the membrane and clean your gutters to make sure your roof is intact and its integrity is holding up. If any separations are discovered, the repairs will be done at no additional cost to you. The less time you end up having to worry about your roof leaking is more time you get to spend working on your business. With this being said, your roof will be protected for many years to come.

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